Te Puna Wai was the name offered to this amazing kaupapa by our Taranaki Whānui Naming Committee, drawing direct connection to Te Puna Wai on the actual site.

Te Puna Wai provides life and vitality to the whenua and also to those who reside there now and into the future. It’s an affirmation of our permanency as an iwi within Wainui-o-mata and our wider tribal boundary.

The Pepeha for Te Puna Wai:

No te kawa ora te mouri o Te Puna Wai me Te Whenua

From the ultimate life principles is the vitality of water and land 

Ka tupu te Raukura o te iwi

From this the nourishment of the iwi is originated

Ka toka tū te hapori, te arohanui ki ngā tāngata katoa

This affirms the permanency of the community which embodies love to all mankind

Nā tō tātou tūpuna i miromiro i te whenua nei

For this is where our ancestors worked and seeded the land

Nā tātou a ngākau māhaki nei, ka ki, he uri, he uri, he ruranga!

With humility I say we are descendants of this place, this is our home!

Our Matapono.

From this Pepeha we have drawn three key Matapono (principles) which will be incorporated throughout this kaupapa:

Kawa Ora: Our connection to the ultimate life principles is upheld

Raukura: Our peace and prosperity is nurtured

Toka Tu: Our permanency is without question

The Trust and our partners in Te Puna Wai see this kaupapa as something far more than the provision of housing. Te Puna Wai is a foundation from where we as a people can grow and nurture our aspirations whether socially, culturally, environmentally in order to support our uri and ruranga in a manner which is consistent with our values and traditions.

Te Puna Wai will offer a range of different housing opportunities, from Kaumātua flats, rentals, shared equity, affordable homes and homes for whanau who may already be established or wanting to buy a new whare. Register your interest today.