Te Puna Wai is a housing development that's about far more than just houses.
Located on the former Wainui-o-mata College/Intermediate site (at 86-106 Moohan St, Wainuiomata), Te Puna Wai is a papakainga housing project, with goals of meeting social, cultural, environmental and commercial outcomes, as well as ensuring cultural sustainability, meeting iwi expectations and supporting the wider community.

Te Puna Wai will be a special place for Taranaki Whānui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika, with new whare joining the already established Kohanga reo and community facilities to create a master-planned Papakainga community with three stages of development. It is being created for Taranaki Whanui, by Taranaki Whanui and delivered in partnership with The Wellington Company Limited (Stage One) with support from Crown (Te Puni Kokiri), Te Tumu Kainga, The New Zealand Housing Foundation and Compass Housing.

Stage One of the re-development creates 11 Kaumātua units, located within a shared village plan (featuring a communal garden and outdoor recreation area). An additional 78 lots will be made available for whanau housing, with 15 attracting Te Ara Mauwhare funding (enabling a shared Equity programme designed to support eligible whanau into home-ownership). These 15 shared equity homes are being delivered in partnership with The New Zealand Housing Foundation.

In addition to the 15 shared equity homes, we will also be providing a range of housing options to meet the housing needs of our whanau: from 2-bedroom terraced starter homes through to 3 bedroom free-standing homes.
For those not wanting home ownership, we are incorporating 25 affordable rental homes for whanau and Kaumātua that meet Crown eligibility criteria (income related rental subsidy). Aside from housing those whanau/Kaumātua in need, these units will also enable Taranaki Whānui to keep an enduring land holding on the site and provide an intergenerational investment.

Te Puna Wai has goals of meeting social, cultural, environmental and commercial outcomes, as well as ensuring cultural sustainability, meeting iwi expectations and supporting the wider community.


The Strategic Housing Outlook for Te Puna Wai: 

Here is a high level summary of what Te Puna Wai is all about: 

  • A mix of housing options to serve varied needs across Taranaki Whānui. Understand more about Te Puna Wai's living options here
  • Affordability through clever design but using high quality materials. 
  • Healthy Homes made from low impact, low maintenance materials, designed to maximise solar passive gain and incorporate energy efficient design features. 
  • Training and employment options for Taranaki Whānui where possible. 
  • A development that is distinctly Taranaki Whānui, reflecting who we are as mana whenua and what has gone before in both name and place. Opportunities will be provided for whānau to have a relationship with their whenua and iwi landholding will be mobilised to improve the social and health standards of our whānau.
  • Sustainability in both buildings and community. The integrated community model will seek to ensure social cohesion, whilst infrastructure and development design will ensure on and off site ecological diversity.

Living options at Te Puna Wai: 

Te Puna Wai isn't just for those who are ready to purchase a home. A range of housing options to support different needs are available in this Papakainga community. 11 different types of whare are available (in varying layouts and looks) - from one-bedroom Kaumatua units to three-bedroom standalone family homes. Options for you to live at Te Puna Wai are: 

  1. Whanau Rental: For those wanting to Live at Te Puna Wai, but not wanting home ownership. These social rentals are for those whanau on low incomes, including Kaumātua housing for 55 yrs+. Eligibility criteria applies.
  2. Whanau Shared Equity: The Trust has negotiated a Crown grant which will enable 15 whanau into shared equity homes. Eligibility Criteria applies. Understand more here
  3. Whanau Affordable: For First Home Buyer members of Taranaki Whānui descent to achieve home ownership. 5% deposit (KiwiSaver + HomeStart Grant can be used if eligible). Available on homes under $550,000.
  4. Whanau Market: Your new home, upgrade or investment in your whanau.